Strikeman System Instructions

Strikeman Laser Cartridges

Never point the laser cartridge at anyone. The laser can damage the eye from exposure.

To use the laser cartridge, you will need to manually put the batteries into the cartridge. Screw with cap off the back of the laser cartridge to insert the batteries. The engraved side of all 3 batteries need to be facing down into the laser cartridge.

The laser cartridge needs to be directly loaded into the chamber. DO NOT load the laser cartridge from a magazine. Loading the laser cartridge in a magazine may result in damage to your firearm and the laser cartridge.

If you find the laser cartridge won’t load fully into the chamber, you can lubricate the laser cartridge’s O rings with a small amount of gun oil.

When you’re finished using the laser cartridge in your firearm, you can remove it by pushing it out with a cleaning rod, eraser end of a pencil, or screwdriver.

The Strikeman Laser Cartridge has a soft rubber button at the back that absorbs the impact of the firing pin so the firing pin doesn’t get damaged. The laser cartridge will not damage your firearm.

The laser cartridge takes 3 LR626 batteries. Batteries are included in every Strikeman Laser Cartridge purchase. You should be able to get between 1500-2000 shots from 3 full LR626 batteries. If you need to replace them, they’re widely available at any store that sells batteries.

All firearms work properly with the Strikeman Laser Cartridge with the exception of the firearms listed below:

  • Ruger SR Series
  • Ruger P95
  • Walther PPS
  • Walther CCP
  • Beretta AX100


Strikeman Target & Phone Mount

The target is designed to be visible above your phone, so you can see the entire target while shooting. If the view of the target is being covered by the phone, you can use objects like books to increase the height of the target over the phone.

To assemble the phone mount, unscrew the cylinder counter clockwise and pull it apart downwards from the middle piece.

Detach the tripod, turn the tripod on its legs, and screw in the phone mount piece.

The phone mount is a fully adjustable tripod that accommodates most smart phones. The phone holder adjusts lengthwise to hold your phone. Press the phone holder lengthwise to open it and place your phone in the holder.

Once the phone is in the holder, you can adjust the rotation of the phone and angle to get your phone camera pointed at the target correctly. Ensure that the phone is within 2-10 feet of the target.



Strikeman App

The Strikeman app is available for Android phones on the Google Play Store and iPhones on the App Store. You can download the app from When using the app, make sure you carefully read the safety precautions before beginning a training session.

To calibrate the target on the Strikeman App correctly, please follow the following guidelines.

1. Ensure that the target paper fills the entirety of your phone screen so there are no objects behind the target. Objects behind the target can confuse the technology, resulting in poor laser detection performance.

2. When calibrating the target, ensure that the red circle covers the outermost target circle.

3. If you are training indoors, turn off all televisions and monitors in the room. TV glare on the target can confuse the technology and result in ghost shots.

The Strikeman App is continually being updated with new features. To get updated app instructions, please go to the bottom of and click “How to Videos” to watch detailed instructions for the entire app experience.

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